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Golden Laundry

Golden Laundry L.L.C. is progressive company present here in sultanate of Oman to offer you complete turnkey services. We have high infrastructure to clean the various type of Garments by new line of energy efficient washers and dryers. We have three different sections which help to protect from contamination and keep clothes hygienic till use. We have one section for normal customer as called general section, hospital section where washing only hospital clothes another is Fabric clothes washing section. Our goal is simple, continue to clean what we do, however we can do it in the effort to reduce the impact on the environment. We have only infrastructure and special chemical and trained technician for fabric clothes.

Catering Services

Through our food services, we aim to refuel and refresh the minds of our customer to improve their productivity, while also providing a 'taste of home' when they're many miles away.

Wherever people are, their demand for quality, choice and value is as discerning as on any high street. Our consumer focus drives the development and innovation of the food, brands and services we offer, attracting people to our outlets on a daily basis.

Our wide range of Food Service solutions are designed to cater for any size venue. We can provide everything including Industrial, Institutional, free-flow restaurants, formal dining, grab-and-go delis, café outlets, hospitality services and vending.

With a commitment to ongoing improvement, Golden Jeed consistently looks for ways to develop its already high standards, and add value in terms of cost saving, innovation, efficiency, communication and simplicity.

Every day our catering teams produce and serve 10,000 meals, meeting expectations for both quantity and quality. Our world-class menus make a measurable difference to the well-being of our clients' employees - wherever they work

With an uncompromising focus on maintaining the highest hygiene standards, our catering teams display a consistent commitment to world-class quality and service, using the best ingredients at the most competitive price. We cater for employees working across a wide range of sectors and tailor our menus according to their needs. Our occupational health teams and in-house nutritionist ensure that the food we serve them is always healthy, well presented and appropriate to their nationality, culture and the type of work they do.

We also have access to internationally tried and tested concepts and brands that we use to provide best value – maximizing catering sales, driving down cost and increasing customer satisfaction.

Hospitality & support Services

We cater to your needs. Many of our clients understand and appreciate the economies of scale that can be achieved by placing multiple services with a trusted supplier. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of expert support services.

Increasingly, organizations rely on GOLDEN JEED to provide a whole range of support services such as cleaning, reception services, building and facilities maintenance, Guest house services, laundry services, and environmental solutions. They recognize the value of a partnership with us to achieve:

  • The highest quality service to support their business.
  • The highest health, safety and environmental standards.
  • Reduced costs through simplifying and rationalizing their existing providers.
  • Greater efficiency and consistency through standardization

Our well-recognized 'Customer First' hospitality mindset is blended with the industrial efficiency necessary to manage and deliver multiple services to the highest standards at the best value – consistently and measurably.

We train our teams to be multiskilled, delivering additional services, increasing work efficiencies and reducing the number of third-party contractors.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • Cleaning & janitorial services.
  • Building operations & maintenance.
  • Logistics & transport.
  • Grounds & landscape maintenance
  • Meeting room management
  • Guest house operations & management
  • Retail & Industrial laundry
  • Waste management & Environmental solu

We implement standardized processes through our world-class operating platform, which drives continuity, be it for a single site or multi-site contracts

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Golden Jeed

PP.O Box 254 - Postal Code 322 Falaj Al-Qabail, Sultanate of Oman.