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Golden Laundry

Golden laundry services combine cutting edge laundry technology with a simple yet carefully managed service, which includes:

  • Delivery and collection
  • Garment identification and tracking
  • Unique wash system
  • Garment inspection
  • Constant focus on performance and efficiency

Golden laundry services guarantee to provide all your garments with the highest levels of care to ensure a smooth, effective service with consistently great results.

Delivery & Collection

Soiled cloths is collected from site or from our retail outlet located throughout sohar and surroundings on regular schedule and transported to our industrial laundries to be cleaned, and if necessary repaired. All collected cloths is then returned to you with in 24 hrs later as part of our laundry services.

Garment Identification and Tracking

All collected cloths is given a unique barcode reference, which includes information on the garment's owner, their employer and the correct site or outlet to return it to. This system means each and every garment can be easily tracked and located, and referenced in our detailed management service reports.

Unique Wash System

All garments that pass through our laundry services are hand sorted to ensure the correct wash cycle and temperature is used. At this point any work cloths with specialist flame retardant, waterproof or high visibility properties is separated and treated appropriately.

We only use an specific detergent in our laundry services that is kind to the environment and to the skin, ensuring that laundered cloths items are returned to you odour-free and, crucially, irritant-free. Golden Laundry wash process is designed to be tough on oil and grease yet kind enough to prevent fading and garment damage.

Garment Inspection

Throughout our laundry services, every garment is carefully inspected and repaired before being returned to the customer. This also allows us to carry out any alterations such as leg or sleeve shortening if required.

Service Reporting

Using regular management reports, we keep you updated with important information about your garment, including laundry history, repairs and expected garment life. These reports are flexible and reporting criteria can be specified by you.

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Golden Jeed

PP.O Box 254 - Postal Code 322 Falaj Al-Qabail, Sultanate of Oman.